2021Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

Leading with Courage, Committed to Equity

Dear Friends,

Looking back on the past year, I see many contrasts. We saw vaccines save countless lives, yet the pandemic that necessitated them is still with us. On one day, the state of Georgia sent a Black man and a Jewish man to the U.S. Senate for the first time – and on the very next day, a violent attack on the Capitol, fueled by disinformation, showed that we cannot take progress, or even democracy, for granted. In philanthropy, our words and actions demonstrated a clear commitment to addressing long-running disparities and systemic inequity – but actual progress for marginalized people and communities remains elusive.

Yet in a year of mixed signals, there was no mistaking that Philanthropy Southeast, both as an organization and a community, is moving purposefully and bravely into the future:

  • Even though our members spent most of the year unable to come together in person, they remained strongly engaged – with our organization and with each other – and eager to continually improve themselves and their organizations.

  • The commitment to equity first outlined in our Equity Framework led directly into last year’s adoption of a new Courageous Leadership Strategy, numerous offerings that attracted strong interest from members, and internal changes that integrate equity, as a value, into our governance and operations.
  • Our members accelerated this work through their volunteer leadership – and validated it through the support they provided to our Sustainability Campaign and first in-person Annual Meeting in two years.
  • Our new name, Philanthropy Southeast, reflects our embrace of an inclusive vision of philanthropy – a big tent that welcomes many forms of giving by many types of organizations. This broad view of philanthropy is critical to mobilizing the people and resources necessary to build an equitable, prosperous South.

The progress and achievements of the past year could not have been done without you – your work in communities across the region motivates our staff, Board and committee leaders every day. Thank you for what you do – and for inspiring all of us!





Janine Lee
President & CEO

Philanthropy Southeast
100 Peachtree Street NW, Suite 2080
Atlanta, GA 30303

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Mission: Philanthropy Southeast strengthens Southern philanthropy, welcoming our members to listen, learn and collaborate on ideas and actions to help build an equitable, prosperous South.