Staff Highlight: Nora Blumenthal

Human behavior and social dynamics play an unmistakable role in the execution of philanthropy and explaining many of the issues it seeks to address – a fact that appealed to Nora Blumenthal when she decided to accept an internship at Philanthropy Southeast.

“One of my main motivators is problem solving to improve peoples' well-being,” said Nora, a Georgia State University senior studying psychology. “I've spent my college years studying psychology and have a strong grasp on the conceptual side of these things. I was seeking an opportunity that would show me the concrete, basic, and day-to-day operations of what it takes to organize groups of like-minded individuals and prepare actions.”

This spring, Nora has supported the Philanthropy Southeast team in its work to connect philanthropic leaders throughout the region. She attended February’s offering of Philanthropy Essentials and is now helping prepare materials for next month’s Foundations on the Hill.

“I've already learned a lot about how Congressional District offices work just in a week or two of FOTH prep,” Nora said. “I'll probably also start helping with setting up meetings between representatives and attendees. I'm looking forward to learning about some data mapping tools as well!”

Soon after her internship concludes, Nora will wrap up her bachelor’s degree – after a summer break, she plans to look at a diverse set of opportunities ranging from the FBI to clinical psychology programs.

“What I enjoy most about psychology is that there is an almost infinite depth of understanding available,” she said. “I take what I've learned and use it to keep learning, just with sharper senses.”

Nora, a native of the Bay Area, says she’s appreciated the abundance of nature in the Atlanta area – camping and hiking are among her hobbies – as well as a diversity of opinions and viewpoints.

“I think it's extremely important to question your beliefs on a regular basis, so being around people who fall all along the political or ideological spectrum is a positive aspect of the South,” she said.


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