Submit Your Nominees for the Philanthropy Southeast Board

The success of Philanthropy Southeast would not be possible without the talent, wisdom and dedication of our Board of Trustees. Our Trustees represent not only the voice of our members, but also the best of philanthropy in our region. Their work has allowed us to move our organization forward in line with our Equity Framework and Courageous Leadership strategy while continuing to provide first-class programs, events and benefits.

Members like you are in the best position to know who can help Philanthropy Southeast continue its progress and growth by serving as one of our Trustees. Today, we are asking you to submit your recommendations for Board membership.

Philanthropy Southeast members may recommend any other Philanthropy Southeast member, or themselves, as potential candidates. Trustees must be able to attend up to four in-person meetings per year at the expense of their organization (including one at the Annual Meeting), serve on at least two committees (most committee meetings are virtual), and connect foundations to Philanthropy Southeast. More information is available in “The Role of the Philanthropy Southeast Trustee” – please email for a copy.

Above all, we are looking for individuals committed to Philanthropy Southeast. However, our Bylaws require us to have a representative from each of the 11 states as well as each of our largest constituencies. This year, we are specifically seeking candidates from Mississippi, North Carolina and Virginia. In addition, the Governance Committee has identified the following needs:

  • Diversity (i.e., Race, Ethnicity, Gender, LGBTQ, Next Generation/Now Generation)
  • Foundation Trustees
  • Financial & Legal Expertise
  • Experience with organizational governance and change management

Submitted candidates will be considered by the Governance Committee, which will recommend nominees for approval by the full Board. Approved nominees will be voted upon by the membership at this year’s Annual Meeting. Recommendations are due Friday, June 30.

Thank you for your active involvement and support of Philanthropy Southeast!


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Mission: Philanthropy Southeast strengthens Southern philanthropy, welcoming our members to listen, learn and collaborate on ideas and actions to help build an equitable, prosperous South.