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An Easy Way to Connect with Colleagues!

Philanthropy Southeast Member Listservs allow you to ask questions, get answers and share insights with other members simply by sending an email. We’re excited to offer this as a member benefit – to help you get the most out of Member Listservs, we’ve put together this brief FAQ.



Philanthropy Southeast Member Listservs allow groups of our members to easily connect with one another over email. If you send an email to a list you’re subscribed to, that message will go out to everyone on the list. Each recipient will be able to respond to you directly via email.

Every member in our database will be subscribed to at least one Member Listserv by default. You should receive a welcome message for each list you’re subscribed to. The lists, and their associated email addresses, are:

Supporting Organizations have been asked to identify which listserv they would prefer to be on.

If you’re a member of a listserv provided by another organization, you should find ours to be very similar in terms of how they operate. If you’re not familiar with listservs, there are some agreed-upon best practices to help ensure a good experience for you and your fellow Philanthropy Southeast members:

  • If you are starting a new discussion, keep your message relatively short with a clear question – this will encourage more replies.
  • If you are responding to a question, make sure your reply goes only to the person who initiated the discussion - don't send it to the entire list!
  • If you start a discussion, it's considered best practice to provide a recap of the responses you receive and send them out to the list within a few days.
  • Please refrain from sending messages of personal thanks, congratulations or “me too” type responses to the entire list – these should only be sent directly to the person who started the discussion.
  • Views and opinions shared on the listserv are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the positions of Philanthropy Southeast. We do not endorse colleague organization views, but rather aim to provide access to a broad range of information and resources to increase grantmaking impact and develop philanthropic leaders throughout the region.
  • Messages posted to any Philanthropy Southeast listserv should not be shared externally without the permission of the original sender(s).

Philanthropy Southeast staff have the ability to monitor and moderate listservs and may remove members who are using them inappropriately.

If you believe you are missing from a list you should be on, contact David Miller, vice president of strategic communications, at to be added. We will also review changes and additions to our database once a month to add people to appropriate lists – though if you’d like to be added sooner, let us know and we’ll take care of it.

Check your spam or clutter folder to ensure replies aren’t being redirected there. You may need to make sure your email server allows messages from to arrive – whoever administers your email server should be able to adjust its settings to let these messages through.

If you’d like us to add a list for a certain group, let us know! If there’s enough interest, we’ll add it to our offerings!

Yes – an unsubscribe link is provided in the welcome message you receive from each list, as well as in each message sent through the list by users.

Some listserv conversations may inspire posts for our blog, Engage, or our Connect email newsletter so that all members can benefit from the information and insights shared by your colleagues. If a certain topic generates a lot of interest, it could even inspire a webinar or other programming! However, all listserv conversations will be treated as confidential by default -- any content you post to them will not be reused elsewhere without your permission.


Learn More

Learn more about Member Listservs by viewing our introductory webinar.

If you have more questions about Member Listservs, contact David Miller, vice president of strategic communications, at

Connecting with Philanthropy Southeast:
The Philanthropy Southeast staff works remotely – the best way to reach us is by email or by calling (404) 524-0911.

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On Fridays, staff work on a flexible schedule. Members can reach our team via email or by calling (404) 524-0911 between 9:00am and 6:00pm (ET). We will respond to all urgent and time-sensitive matters promptly.

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