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Please provide the following information on your organization's background and grantmaking to complete your member profile. This information is used for internal purposes only.

For Philanthropic individuals, please enter only your Total Annual Giving, Program Areas of Support, and Geographic Areas of Support.

Organization Financials

These figures will be used to calculate your organization's membership dues for the next calendar year.

For new foundations that have not begun making grants, please use the Notes field to tell us where your grantmaking stands.


  • Dues for community foundations, operating foundations, grantmaking public charities and supporting organizations are based on all component fund assets as computed at the end of the most recent fiscal year.
  • Dues for private foundations (family, corporate, independent, health legacy), corporate giving programs, giving circles or philanthropic individuals are based on a three-year giving average (i.e. the average of grants or contributions paid over the past three years for which information is available).


Total Assets: Please enter the total assets held by the organization at the close of the most recent fiscal year. For community foundations and grantmaking public charities, enter the sum of all component fund assets as computed at the end of the most recent fiscal year, excluding so-called pass-through funds and the assets of certain supporting organizations whose assets do not appear on the organization's balance sheet.

Total Annual Giving: Please enter the total giving or grants awarded by the organization for the most recent complete fiscal year.

Annual Number of Grants Paid: Please enter the total number (not amount) of grants awarded by the organization during the most recent complete fiscal year.

Three-Year Giving Average: Please enter your organization's average total giving over the most recent three-year period for which data is available (either fiscal or calendar year). To calculate the giving average, add the organization's total giving or grants awarded for each of the three years and then divide the sum by three (see formula below). National and international corporations and foundations may base their total giving on grants made in or to benefit the Southeast (the 11 states which we serve).

Calculate your three-year giving average

Add total giving (fiscal year A) + total giving (fiscal year B) + total giving (fiscal year C), then divide by 3

Areas of Support

To select multiple areas of support, hold down the CTRL key while making your selections.

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